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About Seijaku Roshi

Seijaku Roshi, is the Founder and Spiritual Director of The Zen Society, and Abbott of Jizo-an Monastery.  After a series of personal transformative insights during the early years of his life, Seijaku began teaching publicly in 1975 at the request of his friends and students. Ten years later he founded The Zen Society, a nonprofit organization (501c3 New Jersey).

“The meaning we search for in life, is in its essence – living your life at the level of excellence and full self-expression is the very essence of all life forms. The purpose of your your life is clear, to live it at the level of excellence and full self-expression and as a benefit for others. This is Nirvana, this is Enlightenment.  My work has been to help whomever I can, to realize the utmost importance of living their life, not mine or anyone else’s, in the very brief time we are all given to do so. Why is this the “utmost importance”? A tree helps us breathe, helps us stay warm and dry, helps cook our food, provides us with playful and romantic opportunities, dreams and so much more, because it lives its life as a ‘tree’. It has no desire to be anything other than a tree. It lives until it dies, and when it dies, what a terrible thing for the rest of us.” 

Roshi is author of the book, “Kokoro – The Heart Within” – Zen Beyond Buddhism.  Available in bookstore everywhere and on the internet as an e-book at, and regularly a guest speaker for Churches, Synagogues, Academic Institutions, and other Non-Profits.  He is also the creator and founder of “Pathway to Freedom”, a powerful two day event designed to help the individual re-discover themselves and the meaning for their lives.
With a mastery born of more than 35 years of teaching, Seijaku Roshi is one of today’s most preeminent spiritual teachers and pioneers in the field of human potential and authentic spirituality for the 21st Century.

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  1. Justin
    Nov 2 2015

    Was inquiring as to your notice for a possible roommate


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