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A Way Out of The Madness – The Power of Community

“In giving of yourself, you will discover a whole new life full of meaning and love.” – Cesar Chavez

“You cannot be useful and bored.” – Seijaku Roshi

Zen Buddhism is based principally upon the path of a bodhisattva. A “bodhisattva” is anyone motivated by compassion who generates bodhicitta and the singular desire to realize the highest enlightenment “for the benefit of all sentient beings”. From Buddha who spoke about generosity (Dana), to Jesus who emphasized charity (Love), all the great teachers point to living one’s life “as a benefit for others” as the only true spiritual path (authentic spirituality), source of contentment (true happiness), and the key to the kingdom of God on earth (global transformation).

Today we are witnessing one of the greatest global revolutions in human history, not one brought about by some great army or civil uprise, but one born of and flowing from the chaotic forces within everyone. A profound spiritual and moral crises manifested largely by our growing cynicism of, and realization that, the socio-economic, religious and political institutions, we came to rely on for some kind of personal salvation for so many generations, as well as our historical cultural, social, and spiritual definitions for life, are today revealing themselves for what they truly are — complete shams. I believe that the reemergence of Spiritual Communities throughout the world offers each of us a way out of the madness, and a real possibility for a new tomorrow.

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