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Being Spiritual – The Path of the Spiritual Warrior

“The ultimate aim of the spiritual life, is not to be happier or more peaceful , it has to do with the perfection of the character of the being.” – Seijaku Roshi


Spirituality is a Way of Living one’s life based on character, honor, integrity, and service. It is the life of the Spiritual Warrior who lives his or her life by higher standards than the average person. A life guided by the “Principle of Identity”, rooted in virtue, and a genuine sense of benevolence towards all sentient beings.

In The Principle of Identity, I discuss the markings of a truly spiritual life which play an essential role in the warriors lifestyle. It is the spiritual warrior’s view that every human being possesses an inherent character or fundamental nature of Loving-kindness, Compassion, and Wisdom. This Nature can only be cultivated through a serious commitment to train the mind through meditation, adapting and living by ancient principles and practices, and benevolent service or living ones daily life as a benefit for others, so that it radiates out into the world. The warrior does not leave his or her character to chance. Over the years he or she understands that they will meet unexpected circumstances and situations which will challenge them and, that early on in life fear left unchecked, can and will weaken it.

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