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“Happiness is imperative for my health and well-being, the health and well-being of others, and the sustainability of the species.  But so often our attempts to find happiness end up causing more pain to ourselves and others, because we keep looking for it in all the wrong places.”  – Seijaku Roshi

The global crises in our world today is not an “economic crises”, but rather an “identity crises”.  We are living in the “culture of not enough for everyone”, not because there “is not enough for everyone”, but because we have created a dualistic mentality whereby there is always enough for some but not enough for everyone.  Abundance is the true spirit and the essence of all life.  (Not the abundance people mean when their spirituality is about “their next Mercedes”.)   I call this the “Spirituality of Enough”.  I believe the “spirituality of enough” is “self-evident”.  We need only to, “Behold the lily’s of the field, and the birds of the air.”  By “enough” I mean not only enough for the basic necessities of life, but also “enough time”; “enough patience”; “enough understanding”, “a big enough heart”.

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