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It Takes a Community

We are witnessing a great ideological struggle both in America and around the world.  One side of the debate views mankind as “consumers” whose only possibility for real and sustainable happiness is a function of increasing ones physical wealth and possessions.  Where citizenship and the individuals value is measured by how hard he or she works to achieve the aims and goals of a free marketplace.  This group would deny the importance of any spiritual values or at a minimum they view the value of spirituality or religious devotion only according to how those values reflect and promote the defined objectives of the free marketplace.

On the other side, we recognize that man’s life and ambitions, as well as the sustainability of the species requires, a firm foundation of spiritual values which are shaped and defined by man’s humanity and not by his or her bank account.  Values which include a devotion to insure equanimity both in the marketplace and society; a sense of responsibility to serve a purpose greater than one’s, self-serving pursuit of happiness; where citizenship and patriotism is measured by a person’s character and a sense of responsibility towards helping fellow citizens and members of society who for any reason, find themselves now or in the future unable to help themselves.

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