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The word “inspiration” finds its origins in the 1300’s and comes from the Latin word “inspiratus” which means, “influence, inflame, breathe into” as from God or a god.  Another word often anonymous with “inspiratus” and in the word itself is “spiritus” which means “breath” or more accurately “spirit” as in Holy Spirit.

I wonder, “What inspires you?”  Since my earliest days “beauty” has inspired me.  But one must be able to see it, before it can.  The paradox is, “the mind sees only what it’s looking for”.  Like most people I have seen a beautiful sunset or sunrise, nature, the garden, heard the sounds of music, these are but a few of the beautiful things I have found inspiring me every day, not to mention the beauty of the female species, and the human body.  But there’s more.  As a new single Parent my four year old daughter inspires me.  I never need to go farther than the sound of her voice which is music to my ears, and the wonder of her behavior which brings me more joy that I ever believed possible for one human being to know, laughter, and many teachings which inspire me to be a good man and Father.  She inspires me to live long, to live healthy, to live for something more than myself.  Animals have always inspired me, first my dogs and cats that I have known over the years, then the deer and other small animals I have met here in the Pinelands, and as a boy hiking in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  The truly Noble Ones.  For me the whole of Nature has always been all the evidence I need of a Higher Consciousness, call it God or Buddha, or anything else for that matter. “A Rose by any other name is still a rose.”

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