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“We will, each of us, come to know peace in our hearts and minds when we remember we belong to each other and are a part of Nature; When government begins to make policy, legislate, provide for the common welfare accordingly; When each and every one of us truly take the steps to build our lives around the betterment of the whole and not just for personal gain and gratification.” – Seijaku Roshi

The dictionary defines “stewardship” as, “the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving.” The question of whether or not I am “my brothers/sisters keeper”, has long been debated in many circles. From the Zen Buddhist point-of-view, there is no debate about it – I AM. We also understand that not only is “stewardship” a responsibility of every “spiritual minded” person, (actually everyone), but the secret to a more fulfilling and love-experience filled life.

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Nicole Belopotosky

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Pure food rules. Artificiality drools.

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A field guide to living an intentional, creative and fun life -- with children.