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Faith, Doubt, and Perseverance

Written by – Rev. Richard Emyo Bizub

With the opening of the 2012–2013 training period, or Ango last week, I thought it would be timely to focus on three fundamental elements of Zen Buddhism.  They are Great Faith, Great Doubt and Great Perseverance.

Faith is a mysterious force, seemingly at odds with our scientific culture and its apparent certainty.   From a Zen perspective, the teachings on Great Faith can be a lifeline, because they have a medicinal quality when applied in the context of our anxiety, cynicism and doubt.  Roshi continually stresses that we need to have faith in our Buddha nature.  He reminds us that we are perfect and complete just as we are.  Faith is not hoping for a better moment, not waiting for some other time, place, or person to save us.  Faith is in the Now!

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The Road Less Traveled By – is The Way

How many times have you heard the phrase, “The Journey is the Destination”?  Over the years, hundreds of people have come to me asking, “How can I live a more fuller life?”  I would tell them, “You have to live your life, all of it.  Not just the parts you like.”  The part that makes life fulfilling is often the part we often try to avoid.  It’s usually the part which my three year old daughter runs toward.  She never complains that her life is not fulfilling.

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